The Language Studio helps you reach your International Customers. We translate, interpret, and transcribe foreign languages quickly, expertly and at a very reasonable cost.


The Language Studio is a full service translation agency. We are at your disposal for the translation of technical documents, financial matters, advertising, import/export documentation, legal papers and more.

We pride ourselves on quality, carefully checked translations. All projects are completed by professionals working in their own mother tongue. We are in a position to translate into and out of over 160 languages, including all European and Scandinavian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Creole and others.


In addition, we offer full production and typesetting capabilities. Typically, a job will be translated, proofread, edited, typeset, and delivered as camera-ready mechanicals, if needed.


The Language Studio works closely with a worldwide network of expert translation professionals. We take full advantage of modern electronic media (computers, telecommunications, etc.) to deliver rapid, accurate and culturally appropriate work.